Winter in the mountains, what kind of sport can I do ?

Winter sports in the mountains
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Winter is the perfect time to discover new sports : snow sports, group sports, extreme winter sports, snowshoeing, monoski, and more. Even though it's not always easy to stay motivated in the cold, resorts compete to offer you a greater range of winter sports.

So why not try a fun seasonal activity ? Discover our list of sports to practice in the mountains in winter:

Snowshoeing in the middle mountains

Hiking is an excellent activity to get closer to nature. This activity is undoubtedly the most accessible for amateurs. More than a sport, hiking in the mountains is about discovering the landscapes that surround you.

The best way to practice mountain hiking is to follow a more or less determined specific route to discover the surrounding landscapes while enjoying the fresh mountain air. Hiking can be done in one or more days. The golden rule in hiking is to stay on the trail or to avoid going off the beaten path, especially to protect vegetation and not disturb the tranquility of animals.

Hikers who decide to stay for several days can stay in refuges. A mountain refuge is a kind of mini apartment built in the mountains and accessible for free.


Skiing is probably the most popular mountain sport in the world. Also called downhill skiing or piste skiing, it is a true leisure activity and pastime for many families during winter holidays in the mountains. This sport can be practiced by amateurs as well as professional skiers.

Its operation is simple: using ski lifts (or thanks to seal skins), hoist yourself to the top of the slopes, then let yourself be guided down the slopes for a refreshing and unforgettable skiing descent.

During your stay in a ski resort, you can also take the opportunity to enroll your child in a ski school. The latter will teach the basics of skiing to the youngest with an unforgettable reward for them: obtaining their first star.

Telemark skiing

If you want to change from traditional skiing, telemark skiing will be the perfect activity for you. Telemark skiing is one of the oldest winter sports, the ancestor of alpine skiing, invented in Norway in the 19th century. This sport has the particularity of leaving the heels free and being adaptable to all terrains. This includes groomed or powdery slopes and very steep slopes. Telemark skiing is even possible during hikes.

Similarly, although it requires a certain level of practice, it remains a sport that can be practiced at any age. If you want to equip yourself to practice telemark skiing safely, we invite you to browse our website to find the telemark binding that best suits you.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the winter landscape while exercising the whole body. Cross-country ski trails are usually laid out in wooded areas or along picturesque paths.



If you prefer to glide across the snow on a single board rather than two skis, snowboarding is an excellent option. There are snow parks specially designed for snowboarders.


Ice climbing

If you're looking for a more extreme adventure, ice climbing can be an exciting option. Icefalls and ice formations offer unique terrain for this activity.



Sledding is an activity that appeals to both children and adults. Because there is no age limit to practice sledding. While the youngest can enjoy beautiful first gliding sensations in the snow, adults can discover lightweight and aerodynamic sleds that offer them unmatched speed and descent sensations.

Over the years, gliding equipment has improved, but the practice remains unchanged. Its playful and friendly aspect makes it an ideal sport to practice with the family for guaranteed slides and laughter!


Climbing, like hiking, is one of the most popular sports in the mountains. It is the perfect sports activity that combines both sport and leisure.

In nature, the goal is to progress along a wall to reach the top of a summit. It is possible to equip oneself with specific climbing equipment (pulleys, harnesses, carabiners, ropes), experts can even practice without equipment. A climbing field can be a simple wall of a few rocks going up to walls over 100 meters high.

During winter, in a snowy mountain, it's possible to combine hiking and mountaineering. But once you reach a cliff, you'll have to set aside your skis and instead opt for ice axes and crampons to climb ice walls.

In conclusion, winter activities really have nothing to envy to summer practices. Winter is the best season to try sports that we normally can't practice. The added bonus is that ski resorts offer many supervised activities to make the most of the cold season.

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