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Safety rules for telemark

Telemark is an alpine skiing discipline that combines alpine and Nordic skiing techniques. This form of skiing has been practised for over 150 years and has become popular over the years because of the freedom of movement it offers skiers.

Essential accessories for ski touring

Ski touring is a demanding activity that requires quality equipment to be practiced safely. If you're new to the sport, it can be difficult to know which accessories are essential for a successful day on the slopes.

Basic telemark techniques

Telemark is a ski sport characterised by a unique downhill technique, where the skier bends one leg forward to form a kind of "knee-bend", while the other leg remains straight back.

Discover ski touring

Ski touring is a growing sport that involves skiing on ungroomed terrain, such as steep slopes or mountain peaks.

The best destinations for telemark in France

If you are a telemark enthusiast, France is one of the top destinations for this exciting winter sport. With breathtaking mountain scenery and pistes to suit all abilities, French ski resorts offer a unique experience for telemark skiers.

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