INWILD les valeurs de l'aventure

The Values
of adventure

Doing for the sake of doing is not in our values.
A product must have a purpose, respond to a problem, to provide emotions, in short, to have meaning.

These values ​​have nourished the project since its beginnings, and have never left it. They are anchored in our DNA, and the feedback received is our greatest reward.
Green line
The elevation in the mountains
INWILD Outdoor

Quality& excellence

INWILD product quality and excellence
For us, the search for performance, the pleasure of practicing and safety are part of our daily life to obtain the ideal solution.

Because we like things well do and that we seek to provide you with emotions and new sensations.

Respectfor the planet & people

INWILD respect for the planet and people
Because it seems essential to us to practice your passion with serenity, we have been working since the end of 2019 in collaboration with the Eco-conception and with the support of the Ademe to offer you bindings designed to reduce their environmental impact, from the extraction of the material to their end of life.

Because a product must not be limited only to its entity to be a responsible product, we interact in an ecosystem of men, women, organisations, businesses and associations who share and respect our visions and values.

Innovation& diversity

INWILD is innovation and diversity
Because each user is unique, we believe in diversity and freedom of expression so that the players in the ecosystem around INWILD can fully express their potential.

By questioning what has been acquired, by creating a synergy to implement what is more qualitative, all these actors invite us to generate quality products for satisfied practitioners.
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