INWILD a local and social commitment in the company

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Being responsible is not only about Nature. It also means thinking about Man, because we are a WHOLE.

INWILD has chosen to work with local partners, to boost the local economy, to promote the social integration, and to improve the happiness at work of the team!
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By favoring local partners, INWILD is helping to boost the French economy and maintain a cutting-edge industry.

We imagine , have been designing, developing and assembling our products in France since the beginning of the MEIDJO adventure.

We buy our components from suppliers located as close as possible to our assembly sites, as much as possible in the heart of the Alps.
of France
from Switzerland
outside EU
value by weight


INWILD has chosen to work with social partners who are proud to work for us. Since 2017 we have been working with disability support and professional reintegration establishments. They pack the spare parts and assemble certain sub-assemblies of the bindings. The rest of the components, as well as the finished product, are assembled and checked in our workshops.
We promote teleworking with our employees to limit our carbon footprint

The little +

At INWILD, we promote remote working for:
  • Reduce non-essential travel between home and office.
  • Combining professional and personal life as well as possible!
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