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We refuse to speak of the impossible in order to create products that challenge received ideas and allow you to go beyond your limits.

With its touring mode, alpine skiing mode and numerous accessories , MEIDJO has become THE universal binding that has won over experienced guides, touring, freeriding, freestyle and of course competition all over the world!

Being in the process of constant improvement, taking your feedback into account and integrating the best of current technologies, we could not do without presenting the history of our bindings to you.

MEIDJO 3 is the culmination of 5 years of Research and Development. 5 years accompanying on the slopes and listening to the world's telemark enthusiasts and experts.
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The elevation in the mountains
Research development binding Meidjo 3
MEIDJO 3 is the culmination of 5 years of Research and Development.
Listening accompaniment passionate experts telemark
5 years to accompany on the slopes and listen the world's telemark
enthusiasts and experts.
Ambassadors product testers
Our ambassadors have tested our products in extreme conditions: extreme cold, freestyle, glaciers, improbable corridors and high-level competitions...
Best materials performance products
We went into the smallest technical details, seeking the best in materials and their performance, refusing to speak of the impossible even on complex systems, sometimes at the cost of costly challenges in manufacturing and industrial choices described as madness by our peers.
Happiness sharing customers bindings meijdjo-3
But what satisfaction, what happiness to have your faces of happy and serene practitioners in return in the fullness of the mountains!
New binding ski telemark Meidjo-3
The new version MEIDJO 3 has been thought out and designed to achieve unparalleled performance and bring emotions that telemarkers have never experienced so far:
Legend binding Meidjo 3 telemark
  • Surprisingly easy step-in.
  • An incisive edge grip as soon as you enter a curve thanks to the powerful Tech-toe and the immediate tensioning of the springs of the spring box to an ideal tension level.
  • A feeling of engagement from the start of the genuflexion that gradually continues in a homogeneous and precise manner for smooth and efficient cornering.
  • Versatile ease of use, which makes it THE universal binding on the market with its touring mode, alpine skiing mode and numerous accessories.
  • A design without compromising on safety in extreme situations: the new Low Tech is more powerful to maintain the shoe in the corridors of adrenaline, while having a high precision of the release during falls.
  • A very fast return of the inside foot at the end of the curve, at the change of lunge, to dive into the next turn in a fraction of a second.

The Meidjo binding is for me the ideal weapon for telemark in all its forms. I have been using it for 5 years now, I have been able to experience it in different conditions and practices: on TV tours, freeride, to carve curves on the slopes or even in a giant slalom. Its lightness, its precision, its softness and its reactivity make it a binding adapted to each situation, to each type of snow, to express yourself without constraint in telemark

Profile photo of Antoine Bouvier

Antoine Bouvier,

Antoine Bouvier, 2013 Telemark World Champion and Triple French Champion.

Telemark with MEIDJO is great! It offers a higher level of precision and smoother motion throughout the lunge and telemark transition. Edge-to-edge is more efficient and powerful. There is resistance from the beginning of the lunge, which allows better control and better grip from the start of the track

Profile picture of Jasmin Taylor

Jasmin Taylor,

Jasmin Taylor, 32 podiums in the World Cup and 6 times Champion of England.
Easy to handle, it offers both the progressiveness and amplitude of a Standard 75 binding, and the power of an NTN binding (Rottefella) for telemark mode, as well as the mobility and efficiency of an insert binding for touring mode.
Ski boot telemark standard 75
Old system binding ski telemark standard 75

Standard 75

A historic telemark standard, they have cables that hook onto the back of the shoe, from a metal stirrup in which the front of the shoe sits in the shape of a duckbill.
Ski boot telemark standard ntn
New binding system Meidjo ski telemark standard ntn

NTN standard

The grip of the shoe is done under the foot, and the front of the shoe is inserted in jaws called Low-Tech which allow you to take off your shoes in the event of a fall.
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