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Safety rules for telemark

Telemark is an alpine skiing discipline that combines alpine and Nordic skiing techniques. This form of skiing has been practised for over 150 years and has become popular over the years because of the freedom of movement it offers skiers.

Basic telemark techniques

Telemark is a ski sport characterised by a unique downhill technique, where the skier bends one leg forward to form a kind of "knee-bend", while the other leg remains straight back.

The best destinations for telemark in France

If you are a telemark enthusiast, France is one of the top destinations for this exciting winter sport. With breathtaking mountain scenery and pistes to suit all abilities, French ski resorts offer a unique experience for telemark skiers.

5 reasons to try telemark skiing

Telemark is an exciting ski discipline that is increasingly practiced by skiers around the world. If you're looking for a different skiing experience or a new challenge, telemark could be a great option for you.

How to mount your MEIDJO properly

Mounting your MEIDJO telemark binding on your skis is an important process that must be done with care to ensure optimal performance and maximum safety.

The physical and mental benefits of telemark skiing

Telemark is a winter sport that differs from other forms of skiing in that it involves a deep bend in the knee at each turn. In addition to the pleasure it provides, telemark also offers many physical and mental benefits.

Essential accessories for telemark

Telemark skiing is an exciting and adventurous winter sport, but it is also important to be well prepared and equipped for any situation that may arise. Whether you are a seasoned telemark skier or a beginner, having the right accessories in your backpack can make all the difference, especially when you are off-piste. In this article we will review the essential accessories to take with you on your telemark skiing adventures.

The Telemark Region in Norway

Telemark is a type of alpine skiing named after the Telemark region of Norway, where the sport is believed to have originated. In telemark skiing, the skier uses a special type of binding that allows the heel to lift off the ski, resulting in a smoother, more dynamic skiing style.

Winter sports in the mountains

Winter is the perfect time to discover new sports : snow sports, group sports, extreme winter sports, snowshoeing, monoski, and more. Even though it's not always easy to stay motivated in the cold, resorts compete to offer you a greater range of winter sports.

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