10 winter sports to fully experience the mountains

Winter sports in the mountains
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Discover the joys of the mountains in winter through a variety of sporting activities , from exhilarating snow sports to peaceful family outings . Whether you prefer the secure comfort of ski resorts or the thrill of exploring untouched terrain in nature, there are options for all skill levels. Many sports are accessible to beginners, with introductory courses provided by organizations like the Club Alpin Français (CAF) or the École du Ski Français (ESF).

Explore our list of winter sports to enjoy in the mountains :

Snowshoe Trekking in medium mountain ranges

Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to connect with nature and is undoubtedly the most accessible sport for enthusiasts. More than just a sport, snowshoe trekking involves exploring snow-covered landscapes while breathing in the fresh mountain air. 

Snowshoe hiking allows for total freedom in choosing your paths through the mountains. You can opt to follow designated hiking trails or venture off the beaten path. However, it's important to stay cautious and avoid hazardous areas such as icy slopes or zones with a risk of falls. It's also crucial to be informed about protected wildlife areas, such as those for the black grouse, to avoid disturbing the tranquillity of the animals.

For more experienced hikers, it's possible to undertake multi-day snowshoe treks, staying in both guarded and unguarded refuges.

Downhill Skiing

Favoured by both amateurs and professionals, downhill skiing is arguably the most popular mountain sport. Also known as downhill skiing, it is a real leisure activity and pastime for many families during their winter holidays in the mountains.

Downhill skiing offers the thrill of descending snow-covered slopes and effortlessly returning to the top via ski lifts or chairlifts. The downhill runs provide unforgettable sensations of freedom and movement within a secure environment. You can also enjoy various activities and facilities provided by ski resorts, such as ice rinks and altitude restaurants.

Consider enrolling your child in a ski school where experienced instructors guide beginners on the gentle slopes of many ski resorts, giving them their first ski lessons.

Telemark skiing

If you're looking to diversify from traditional skiing, telemark skiing is the perfect activity for you. Originating in Norway in the 19th century, telemark skiing is one of the oldest winter sports and combines grace and agility. 

This activity, which combines grace and agility, has the distinctive feature of leaving the heels free during the descent, thus offering a unique freedom of movement and an incomparable gliding sensation. Telemark skiing is adaptable to all types of terrain and can be practiced on groomed or powder slopes as well as on very steep inclines. It is also perfectly suited for ski touring.

While it requires some training, telemark skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. If you're interested in equipping yourself for telemark skiing safely, we invite you to visit our website to find the right telemark bindings.

Ski touring

Ski touring is a rapidly growing practice that involves ascending mountains with skis on and then enjoying descents on snow-covered slopes. These skis are specially designed to facilitate the ascent by allowing the heels to be lifted off.

This activity enables explorers to traverse virgin territories far from crowded pistes, deep in the mountain wilderness. Combining the physical effort of climbing with the thrill of descending, ski touring presents a comprehensive challenge for both body and mind.

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Cross-country skiing

More accessible than downhill skiing, cross-country skiing can be a rigorous sport or a gentle activity. This sport emphasizes endurance and technique to traverse long distances on generally flat or slightly undulating terrain.

Typically set in wooded areas or along scenic trails, cross-country ski tracks offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the winter landscape. Ranging from peaceful family outings to high-level competitions, this activity that engages the whole body is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Snowboarding is a versatile activity that can be enjoyed on groomed slopes, in freestyle snow parks, or off-piste. It offers unmatched sliding sensations and is especially popular among thrill-seekers and freestyle enthusiasts. Additionally, this sport allows for quick progression from beginner to intermediate levels. We recommend taking lessons at a reputable ski school to learn the fundamentals of snowboarding under professional guidance.

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Biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting, demanding physical endurance, concentration, and precision from athletes. The key challenge in biathlon is to maintain focus and accuracy in shooting after exerting significant physical effort. This activity is generally practiced on hilly trails, alternating between cross-country skiing segments and shooting sessions

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Dog sledding

Dog sledding is the ultimate family winter activity. If you love forest walks and animals, this adventure is for you! Dog sledding allows you to connect with nature and share special moments with extraordinary and endearing animals.

 Whether you're a passenger or wish to learn how to lead a sled team, dog sledding offers unforgettable experiences in the winter wilderness.

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Ice climbing

Ice climbing is a demanding activity suited for experienced climbers. With ice axes and crampons, climbers ascend icefalls, frozen cliffs, and glaciers, exploring unique and wild places. This activity requires specific technical skills, appropriate equipment, and excellent physical condition.

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Mountaineering and mountain climbing

Mountain climbing, like hiking, is one of the most popular sports in the mountains. It is the perfect sports activity that combines both sport and leisure.

In nature, the goal is to progress along a wall to reach the top of a summit. It is possible to equip oneself with specific climbing equipment (pulleys, harnesses, carabiners, ropes), experts can even practice without equipment. A climbing field can be a simple wall of a few rocks going up to walls over 100 meters high.

During winter, in a snowy mountain, it's possible to combine hiking and mountaineering. But once you reach a cliff, you'll have to set aside your skis and instead opt for ice axes and crampons to climb ice walls.

This quest, combining a passion for exploration with the rigor of technique, offers access to unparalleled panoramas!

Winter provides the opportunity to try out sports that can't be practiced during the rest of the year. The added bonus? Ski resorts offer numerous supervised activities to fully enjoy the cold season, proving that winter sports have nothing to envy of summer activities!

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