Why choose bikepacking? Five compelling reasons to start your journey

5 reasons to start bikepacking
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Explore bikepacking: a blend of sport, nature, and exploration. Inwild Outdoor offers five compelling reasons to dive into cycle touring through bikepacking!

Bikepacking, the art of packingall your travel essentials onto a bike, is much more than just an outdoor adventure. It's an immersive experience that allows adventurers to discover spectacular landscapes, push their personal limits, and create unforgettable memories. If you're looking for a new way to travel and experience epic adventures, here are five compelling reasons to get into bikepacking.

Travelling by bike, unlimited freedom, and exploration

Bikepacking gives you the total freedom to choose your own route and set off on your own adventure. Mountain trails on a mountain bike, country lanes on a gravel bike, or coastal paths on an electric bike, the world will be your playground. 

With your bike equipped with bags, explore remote areas and discover amazing landscapes you would never have seen otherwise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tourer, bikepacking offers a unique experience for everyone. 

Unlike traditional car and train journeys, bikepacking offers a unique travel experience. On a cycling trip, you do more than simply depart from point A to arrive at point B; you immerse yourself in the entire journey, traversing diverse environments and atmospheres. This allows you to savor the landscapes, weather, and scents, all while unencumbered by roads or traffic.

Fans of two-wheeled touring and bikepacking will particularly appreciate this freedom of exploration. For the less experienced, the electric assistance will enable them to climb the gradients without difficulty and guide them along roads and paths, discovering magnificent landscapes. 

With cycling facilities improving every year, cycle routes like the Loire à vélo and mountain bike trails like the Grand Traversée du Massif Central, bikepacking is becoming an increasingly accessible and safe experience. With lightweight, multi-purpose bikes, you'll be ready for a major crossing or, why not, a round-the-world cycling trip.

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Why backpacking is the best way to travel and connect with nature

Bikepacking also means total immersion in nature, a deep reconnection with your environment. Pedaling through lush forests on a sturdy mountain bike, skirting winding rivers on a gravel bike fitted with panniers, or camping under a starry sky on a mountain top; every moment becomes an opportunity to reconnect with the natural beauty of the world around us. 

Bikepacking invites all bicycle travelers to embark on a fantastic journey through the great outdoors.

On well-developed cycle paths or via more adventurous mountain bike routes, bike touring gives you the freedom to choose your own routes. 

With a combination of endurance, adventure, discovery, and cycling tourism, treat yourself to a unique experience! Road bike or mountain bike enthusiasts, get your bike ready, download a guidebook or map, and set off on a bike journey that could well be the first of many!

Another reason why do people go backpacking: personal challenge and adventure

Bikepacking is a stimulating personal challenge that allows you to push your physical and mental limits. Every difficult climb, every technical descent, and every night spent in a tent gives you the opportunity to discover your inner strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Every kilometre covered becomes a personal victory and an opportunity to grow as an individual. 

Tackle trails and gorges, venture onto off-road trails, or follow paths marked with markers: whether you're a weekend cyclist or a seasoned mountain biker, bikepacking invites you to explore new horizons and experience unforgettable bike rides that will create memories to last a lifetime. 

Get on a bike equipped with a carbon frame, disc brakes, and an ergonomic saddle, with special tyres to get you through the mud without difficulty. Then you can safely tackle trails, take a trip on off-road paths, or follow a signposted route. 

No matter what type of bikepacking you do. Whether it's on cycle routes along greenways or long-distance crossings over passes, ridges, or valleys with every pedal stroke you get a little closer to nature and yourself.

Economical and environmentally friendly

By saving on travel, accommodation, and catering costs, bikepacking is a leisure activity that's accessible to everyone. 

By using your bike as your main means of transport and camping outdoors, you reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your impact on the environment. An adventure combining a passion for cycling, discovery, and a connection with nature - that's what bikepacking is all about. 

Imagine yourself pedaling your mountain bike through forest paths bordered by lush forests, discovering new routes every day and exploring remote areas. You camp under a starry sky, your panniers filled with provisions for the bivouac. Using a camping stove, you prepare your meals and revel in the grandeur of the great outdoors.Your lightweight bike allows you to climb the gradients effortlessly, since your frame bag only contains the bare essentials: a few clothes, something to eat and a puncture protection kit. You'll meet other cyclists, bikepackers, all driven by the same passion as you for environmentally-friendly cycling adventure.

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Creating unforgettable memories

Bikepacking also means creating unforgettable memories.

When you purchase a bike, whether it's a sturdy mountain bike or a sleek road bike, you're opting for a unique and diverse way to experience travel. This choice sets the stage for not only your first journey but also for all the subsequent adventures and treks.

Cycle tourism offers a distinctive way to explore a country, from its historic châteaux and dramatic gorges to the renowned wine routes. Your bike will guide you through majestic mountain passes, verdant valleys, glistening lakes, and along scenic oceanfronts.

Cycling, whether solo or accompanied by a fellow bikepacker, offers an unparalleled sense of freedom. It transforms you into a traveler, an explorer, and an adventurer. Along the way, you learn how to select the right bike for you, navigate safely, and how to enjoy every ride. 

Sharing moments of camaraderie with friends, meeting friendly locals along your route, or admiring breathtaking scenery: every moment spent bikepacking is a precious experience to be cherished forever.

So get your bike out of town, and embark on a cycling holiday you'll never forget!

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